Become a CAT–Contact Action Team

Please get in touch with the Chief Contact – Lois Yoshishige

Your commitment can be minimal—CATs are expected to do the following.

  • Any pets or no pets, the CAT team is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get involved!

    Distribute union information to other people who are classified employees in your worksite

  • Communicate ideas, questions and concerns from your colleagues to members of the executive committee or a local union organizer
  • Attend:
    • CAT meeting at Noon on the first Wednesday of every month
    • Local Membership meeting at Noon on the second Wednesday of every month
    • (if your lunch time does not allow for this, we can figure out a different way to connect)
  • Ask new employees in your work site to become union members
  • Update the union bulletin board in your department

View current list of CATs

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