Reclassification Information

Stewards are members on campus who are well versed in contract language. We are here to help you out if you feel that a Manager is violating contract language on you or any of your coworkers. When a worker thinks something like this has happened, they should call our SEIU Hotline immediately (541-346-0321). One of our Stewards will then reach out to you! One of the most common questions we receive is how to request a reclassification upward if your job duties do not match your current classification. This process is outlined in Article 53 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but a brief overview could be helpful to get you started along the path to reclassification.

The worker files the initial reclassification request with Diana Sobczynski in HR. This request should contain the following items:

  1. Current USSE Classification
  2. Target USSE Classification (the classification that you should be employed at)
  3. Current Position Description (PD) with accurate FTE percentages
    1. PDs are usually reviewed during evaluations, but sometimes they do not accurately represent what duties are performed or how much time is spent on specific duties.
    2. If your PD is inaccurate and your supervisor or HR rep is unwilling to revise your PD to reflect your accurate FTE, then you may want to perform an audit of how much time you spend during a typical week on specific tasks, then provide, in addition to your current PD, a revised and accurate PD that you put together than reflects your actual workload.  Evidence (emails from supervisors, etc.) supporting the revised PD will be important.
  4. A narrative explaining in detail how the duties in your PD (3) are a better fit with your Target Classification (2) than with your Current Classification (1)

If you’d like, a steward may be assigned as a resource to assist in putting this information together, although at this stage you would not be acting through the Union.

Once your reclassification request is submitted, unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing, HR has 60 calendar days to either (a) place you in the requested classification; (b) deny your request; (c) remove the out-of-class duties; or (d) place you in a different classification that they believe more closely fits your duties than your Target Classification.

If HR does not respond within 60 calendar days, or you believe that HRs response is incorrect, then the Union becomes your exclusive representative in appealing the process.

A few notes:

  • You may want to investigate the possibility that you are owed retroactive out-of-class pay for work performed prior to the reclassification.
  • No new information can be submitted by the worker or by the Union upon appeal of HR’s decision, so make sure that you include all relevant information within the initial 60-day review period.
  • You may be informed that a majority (51%) of your work has to be out-of-class for a reclassification to be successful.  This is incorrect.  SEIU won an arbitration decision in 2016 which upheld the Union’s “Core Elements Test,” signifying that the appropriate standard is whether the petitioner has performed the distinguishing features of the higher classification on a regular and significant basis.

I hope this information helps to get you going if you had some questions about reclassification. We know that you receive a number of communications from our Union on a number of topics. No matter what your political leanings are, at the end of the day, our Union works to advance pay, protect benefits, and advance issues like this for all of our members. Stay tuned for future pieces like this where we dive into the issues that you care about.

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